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- All day, every day, a mixture of Beeper, AY & Digital Music!

- 6pm to 7pm Every Day - Beeper Hour

- 7pm(GMT) Mondays - Dave Clarke's Retrospect!

- 7pm(GMT) Fridays - Simon Butler's Game Reviews! (currently on a hiatus)

Dave Clarke:

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Simon Butler:

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60.Horace in the Mystic Woods

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"A Good Old Natter With"

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25.Craig Turner

Beeper Hour:
17 02 2024

Welcome to the site!

I'm Dave Clarke aka RetroBeachMan and I love listening to classic game/chiptune music so I decided I would make a station I and others could listen to.

I started ZX Spectrum Radio in December 2022 and Chris Wilkins contacted me and asked if I wanted to link it to CRASH, to which I agreed.

This is my ZX Spectrum Radio station: a 24/7 Live-Streaming Internet Radio Station Playing ZX Spectrum Beeper, AY & Digital Tunes!! There are over 5,000 tracks in the playlist!

You can download files to be used with an external player like VLC, for example, if you prefer to listen that way.

A big thanks to zxart for their huge resource.

A massive thanks also goes to Rich Hollins for providing his music for the station and for supporting me with the station.

I do this purely out of love for the ZX Spectrum and just want to share my passion with others.

Thanks for visiting! ZX Spectrum Forever!!!
CRASH Charts - April '84
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